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Motion sickness problems? Will brain ‘zapping’ work?

Tom Gamlin DesignerBy Tom Gamlin –¬†from ideas come designs.

The use of electric shock therapy is being trialled at the Imperial College London. Scientists believe that electricity will stimulate areas of the brain which will reduce the symptoms of motion sickness problems.

chunder chair inducing motion sickness

A selection of 20 volunteers were subjected to an experience in the ‘Chunder chair’ which spins the person around at an angle to induce motion sickness. 1 hour later half of the participants had small electrical currents passed through the scalp to change the brain activity. The other half were subjected to dummy treatment. For those who had the stimulation it took an extra 200 seconds for the motion sickness to develop. Those receiving the dummy treatment experienced motion sickness problems around 60 seconds earlier.

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