Preventing travel sickness using the Gamlin Travel Visor.

Preventing motion sickness can be a miserable challenge for those who suffer. Wearing the Gamlin Travel visor will make a big difference.

It’s the practical solution for passengers travelling by road or rail. The Visor is so simple to use. It will simply cut out all of the fast-moving visual information that is presented to the passenger throughout journeys by road or rail.

By narrowing the field of view, you get to see as much as you need to see, blocking out everything else. This doesn’t take away your freedom to read a book or use your mobile phone.

Those who wear it often report that on a long journey the experience is much more relaxing with sleeping being quite common. This very often makes a long journey feel very much shorter allowing the passenger to feel less stressed.

No more drowsiness from taking tablets.

Arrive at your destination feeling rested and ready for anything.


The Visor, preventing motion sickness

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