Avoiding Travel sickness

    This is for those who have tried everything and nothing works.

So simple and effective, people don’t believe it…

people wearing the motion sickness visor

  …until they wear it!

              For those who suffer from travel sickness,we present the GAMLIN Travel Visor which can only be worn by passengers and must NEVER be worn by the vehicle driver. It works by forcing the wearer to see only into the distance thus cutting out the fast moving information flashing past.

” The view is reduced but the benefit is huge.”

This visor was designed and developed into a precision instrument by a sufferer from travel sickness who now wishes he had this as a child, following repeated attempts with many types of travel sickness tablets and travel sickness bands with little success.

” Time for a new approach.”

The main purpose of its use is to provide relief to passengers in cars although it has shown to be equally effective on coaches and trains. Wearing the GAMLIN Travel Visor has been found to be stress relieving for any long journey, cutting out that motion sickness feeling.

” The journey feels much shorter”

The passenger experiences the feeling  of making a long journey much shorter. This means that the passenger arrives at the destination feeling well enough to take part in any activities that are going on rather than being left out.

” Reduce stress.”

For anyone looking for stress coping strategies to relieve stress levels take a look at the  GAMLIN Travel Visor it is sure to help with solving problems with travel sickness.

Imagine being able to think clearly after a road or rail journey!

motion sickness visor front

See how it works

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Good for adults & children

Those who probably suffer most of all from travel sickness are children. For them a bad journey experience can easily interfere with their educational development. A child doesn’t  have to vomit to qualify as ‘suffering from travel sickness’. Just a mild form can cause considerable damage and upset a child’s day. The GAMLIN Travel Visor has been designed to fit most adults but for children under the age of 12 years we recommend viewing this blog post on the subject.

For smaller people there are two adaptor pads which fit each side to make wearing much more comfortable.

The next time you think about looking for motion sickness medicine for kids, consider the GAMLIN Travel Visor .

It may take a little perseverance to begin with but to get the best out of the GAMLIN Travel Visor we recommend  wearing it from the outset of the journey all the way to the end. However this doesn’t mean that the wearer can’t easily lift it up occasionally to see any views of special note that often appear during a journey.


If you know anyone who suffers from travel sickness, please share.