Motion sickness

How do you prevent car sickness?

Also: What causes car sickness? Why am I car sick all of a sudden? I have a solution to car sickness. If you’ve tried everything that’s out there and now you’re looking on the web for an answer to how to prevent car sickness,I want to tell you about what works for me.    
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Avoiding travel sickness

Avoiding travel sickness is a regular battle for some of us. We have to accept that there is, to date, no exact cure but there are things we can do to reduce the effects. The first choice for me is the Travel Visor IT MUST BE STRESSED THAT THIS IS ONLY FOR PASSENGERS! This works
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What helps travel sickness?

Check out the Travel Visor now! Do what you can to reduce stress The one thing that exacerbates travel sickness is stress and anxiety often caused by an issue that arises just before or during a journey. It usually pays to do as much planning as you can before a journey starts. Have a check-list
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