Motion sickness on a train can be remedied without tablets

Motion sickness on a train can be avoided.

You can travel on a train without motion sickness

Rail travel has come along way since the early days of steam and although speed did play a significant part, passengers who became travel-sick weren’t challenged quite as much as they are today.

The travel demands of all of us requires speed from city to city to be able to fulfil our increasingly busy lives.

The wonders of technology and modern engineering has presented us with the tilting train. Those who have motor-cycle experience will be familiar with the concept of leaning into the bend. When negotiating a corner the tighter the corner, the sharper the angle of lean.

This allows the vehicle to travel much faster on a tight corner thus shortening the complete- journey time. The alternative would be to introduce corners with much bigger radii which just wouldn’t be practical as this would involve realigning rail-track on a huge scale.

Some of those who didn’t suffer now do

The down side to this method of shortening the journey time is that passengers who don’t normally suffer from motion sickness now do, together with those who suffer regularly.

Bracelets and tablets work for some

There will be those who will tell us that their motion sickness bracelet or motion sickness tablets work well for them and that there is no problem at all. These options are all very well for those for whom they work and despite the fact that train companies have tweaked the angle of tilt to try to reduce the effect, there are still a significant group of people who need help.

The GAMLIN travel Visor can easily play a part here.

When wearing the Visor, because all of the fast-moving visual information is cut out completely, the brain doesn’t need to process this information.

Because of the way it works, it doesn’t matter whether the passenger is facing forwards or backwards. Forward-facing is usually best; it just feels right. Also because the wearer can’t receive visual information from either side, reading a book is well possible with no ill-effect.

Shorten the journey with a relaxing sleep

An added bonus, depending on how you look at it, is that the visor makes the wearer feel so relaxed that nodding off to sleep is common. From my own experience I can say that sleeping in this manner is quite refreshing. It can have the effect of giving the impression that the journey is much shorter than it actually is because, while you have a really relaxing sleep, you’re missing large chunks of the journey.

The GAMLIN Travel Visor.

So simple and effective, people don’t believe it…

motion sickness visor front

until they wear it!


Image: by Japanese Wikipedia user 出々 吾壱.

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