Seasickness patches uk ? There’s something new from the US

Seasickness patches uk? A solution from the US military.

Travel sickness and motion sickness effect people of all ages and there are no convenient boundaries for anyone. However, help may be available from development by the US Military.

A motion sickness patch containing Scopolamine is placed behind the ear and, it is claimed, will block the effects of motion sickness for up to 72 hrs. It doesn’t cause drowsiness like some medications. It has an effect on the nerve fibres in the inner ear to take away some of the sense of movement thus reducing the feelings of motion sickness.


But it won’t help children

It’s unsuitable for children. It is recommended that children aged 2 – 12 should be given Dramamine or Benadryl one hour before travelling begins. It appears to be generally acknowledged that non of these motion sickness remedies are certain to work.

If they do anything it’s usually nothing more than to drive you into an induced semi-comatose sleep.

Maybe for those who have a problem, the GAMLIN Travel Visor could be the most suitable of all the car sickness remedies.

motion sickness visor front

Research has shown that the effect of fast moving scenery around us is the main contributor to motion sickness. The GAMLIN Travel Visor cuts out all the fast moving information leaving a view of slow-moving distant objects.

This allows the wearer to be less challenged and much more relaxed. With the visual stress under better control, the passenger is more able to cope with the effects of any cornering and rolling action that always takes place throughout any journey.

There are many products available which work well for some passengers but there are some for whom all have been tried and non work. This is where the GAMLIN Travel Visor, with a little perseverance, has been shown to help.


If you know anyone who suffers from travel sickness, please share.


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