Motion sickness causes

Take control,cut out the fast moving stuff!

motion sickness causes
See the effect as the visor is applied.

               Motion sickness symptoms are a real problem for some people when travelling as passengers.Travelling along any road we are all presented with fast-moving visual information.There are some people who have coping mechanisms for stress of all types but for those of us who suffer from motion sickness it is very difficult for the brain to process all of this information.

“You aren’t alone, 20 million people have a problem in the UK alone”

It is made even more difficult when added to the rolling motion of being a passenger in a moving vehicle. This is when we experience that unpleasant stomach-churning feeling  of motion sickness and travel sickness that only sufferers understand.

motion sickness visor front

                 With the  GAMLIN Travel Visor the fast-moving information is removed leaving a view  of slow moving distant objects. This allows a limited view but  enough of a view can be seen to appreciate the journey.  Blocking out the rest of the view is a small price to pay when you consider that at the end of the journey you won’t even have a headache.

 Wearing the visor allows us to cope more effectively with the other challenges of travelling  including the unavoidable rolling and swaying that contributes to motion sickness. Wearers find it a comfortable and pleasant way to help manage anxiety throughout a journey.

“Keep a Visor in the car.”

motion sickness visor rear

You will feel so much better after a nap.

             During a long journey a passenger wearing the GAMLIN Travel Visor will be so relaxed that falling  asleep is likely. This will give the passenger the feeling that the journey is much shorter than it actually is and, with being so rested, there isn’t the drowsiness  that some anti sickness tablets can cause. The next time you look for a motion sickness medicine, consider the GAMLIN Travel Visor.

road view no visor
Typical view without the visor.
road view with visor
Typical view through the visor. Everything you see will be slow moving.

“Yes the view is reduced but you won’t get a headache.”

               So, if you have tried motion sickness pills or bands and found that they don’t work for you, try the Gamlin Travel Visor. Or if you know someone who suffers, why not keep a Visor in the car for the occasions when they ride with you? Anything that provides extra passenger comfort must be a good thing especially if you are going on a long car journey.

“Yes you can read and use a mobile phone while wearing it.”

Because of the way it works it is virtually guaranteed to work for anyone who wears it and it is possible to do some reading or use a mobile phone along the journey. It can be worn over spectacles very easily. It is  light weight, made from Polypropylene with a tough Polycarbonate outer shield. It is provided with a pair of optional  pads to make it comfortable for children.

Laboratory tested at the Imperial College, London.

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